Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011


So Evlin has these knives that she is able to control with her gloves and in my concept they aren't very clear. I wanted to get a better idea of what I was modeling once I worked out how to even get them to fit on her arms.

anywho here they are...

I think the next update will be my base mesh I sculpted for her.

Daily sketch update.

These things are out of order but whatever.  I have a bunch of sketches I've been doing everyday, but I think I'll start mostly fresh with just these few I've done this past week.   

Quick 40 minute sculpt I did of an orc from the old Hobbit movie.  I doubt I'll be posting many of these as I have another large sculpt I'm currently working on.  Progress on that will be updated on my website.  

So I'm making this blog to keep up with my daily sketching and entries in my currently nonexistent thesis journal.  The following images are basically what I've accomplished so far.

The first two images are of Evlin, I currently have her in block out phase and will post those images shortly.  

This shot here is taken from marmoset, showing my first character Imre.  

This guy here is not officially apart of my thesis, but I added him as an NPC.  He was basically created as a practice piece before getting into my thesis characters.  There is a chance he will replace the wizard NPC I had planned to make. Maybe, probably not.

There are a lot more images of these characters, wires and sculpts that can be found on my website here.